We are Quirónsalud

Quironsalud hospitals

We are Quirónsalud

We are the largest hospital group in Spain and following a merger with the German company, Fresenius-Helios, we are the largest hospital group in Europe.

A large network of hospitals available to you

A large network of hospitals available to you

Our network has over 160 care centres, of which 55 are general hospitals and 10 are university hospitals. Internationally, we have centres in Dubai, Lisbon, Peru and Medellín (Colombia).

  • Why choose us?

    At Quirónsalud we will focus on your case in a personalised way to offer you the best possible treatment plan. And we will do so by making all our human and technological resources available to you

  • La confianza de estar en manos de expertos
    The confidence of being in the hands of experts

    We have world-renowned doctors in all medical and surgical specialities. Therefore, we can give you an expert and multidisciplinary view of your case and provide you with comprehensive treatment.

  • 2_TRatamientosUltimaGeneracion
    Access to state-of-the-art treatments

    Thanks to our commitment to research, our patients can access truly innovative treatments. In 2018 we began almost 1,500 clinical research studies, of which 800 were clinical trials.

  • 3_CuidadoPersonalizado
    High-quality, personalised and safe care

    Our centres are governed by strict safety controls and have the highest standards of quality. Each year we analyse indicators that show us patient expectation and satisfaction levels, so that we can continue to improve.

  • 4_TecnologiaPuntera
    Access to cutting-edge medical technology

    In order to offer you the most precise treatments, we have Spain’s first Proton Therapy Centre, 7 da Vinci surgical robots, 1 Gamma Knife radiotherapy unit, 1 Cyberknife radiotherapy unit, 24 linear accelerators, 14 PET-CT scanners, 7 hybrid operating theatres, 17 x 3 Tesla MRI scanners, and much more.

  • 5_ComodidadFacilidad
    Comfort and convenience in all procedures

    We provide the G24 service, through which international patients can answer any administrative queries via the following email address: g24@quironsalud.esThis link opens in a popup window

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Why Spain?

Why Spain?

Spain is one of the most prepared countries for welcoming patients from any part of the world. The Spanish healthcare system is recognised across the world for the quality of its care, the great expertise of its doctors and its innovative commitment to technology.

Furthermore, in Spain you will find the pleasant Mediterranean climate, which is so beneficial to your health, and an incredible offering of culture, tourism and gastronomy which will ensure an unforgettable experience for you and those accompanying you.

  • icon-qs-01@2x
    Spain is the healthiest country in the world
    BLOOMBERG, 2019
  • icon-qs-02@2x
    The Spanish healthcare system is the most efficient in Europe and third in the world rankings
    BLOOMBERG, 2018
  • EsperanzaVida_2_SP
    It is one of the two countries with the longest life expectancy in the world
    UNFPA, 2018
  • icon-qs-04@2x
    Spain is the eighth world power in the growth of foreign patients
    IDIS, 2017
Frequently Asked Questions
How is the appointment scheduling, diagnosis and treatment consultation process structured?

At Quirónsalud we count with an international team of care coordinators who will assist you throughout your journey at Quirónsalud and will provide you with a personalized concierge service.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week at +34 901 123 456. You may also contact us electronically at infocare@quironsalud.esThis link opens in a popup window

Through your care coordinator, we will organize you all medical, hospital and diagnostic appointments.

Do Quirónsalud’s hospitals treat my condition?

Quirónsalud counts with 53 general hospitals in Spain, therefore we rely on our medical staff who can treat all medical specialties. Each year, we pursue more than 488,450 surgeries.

The needs of our patients might be from general exams, to the diagnosis and treatment of multiple conditions and complex diseases.

Can Quirónsalud offer me a treatment proposal and an estimate for my treatment?

Once your medical records are received, and after the doctor’s assessment, we will propose you a treatment proposal with a budget estimate.

At Quirónsalud we understand that each patient’s medical conditions are unique, therefore you will count with the assistance from our international care coordinators who will help you throughout the process, including providing information on the best doctor to treat your case, our hospitals, deposit and payment information, estimates, updates, and communication with third parties on behalf of a patient.

Recommendations to get a treatment proposal

With the aim that our doctors can evaluate your medical records and provide you with a treatment proposal, the following documentation is required:

- A list of your current medications, and the dosage for each.

- Current and previous medical reports and any other medical information that your local doctor has given you.

- If available, any medical information, radiology images (MRI, CT, X-Ray, etc., including written radiology reports), and laboratory tests, that your local doctor has given you.

- Your contact details (name &, surname, date of birth, passport identification number, mail and phone number).

- Name, address and phone number of the referring physician if applicable.

You may send us the medical reports and tests in one of the following languages: English, Spanish, Russian or Arabic.

Please send us the most updated medical reports and test results (within the last 6 months).

Who examines the case?

Each patient is offered a unique treatment and care. With this aim, your medical records will be examined by our international care coordinators who will forward your information to the doctor and medical team that can treat you. Afterwards, we will send you a tailored treatment proposal.

Sometimes our patients prefer to already ask for treatment with a specific doctor and/or hospital, if that is your case, please feel free to let us know when sending us your information.

Is it possible that Quirónsalud’s doctors communicate with the doctors from my country?

At Quirónsalud we adapt to our patients’ needs. We have large experience in communicating with doctors from all over the world. Our patients can decide whether to include their own doctors since the beginning or just for the surgery and subsequent treatments follow-up. We continuously work with local doctors with the objective to guarantee that the best care is guaranteed.

If I already count with a diagnosis in another country, is it necessary to repeat the tests in Spain?

It is our objective to minimize unnecessary tests, especially if the following shall impact the patient's state of health, nonetheless, depending on the quality, resolution, and feedback of our specialists, we might find necessary to repeat examinations with more precise and reliable technology.

How and when the payment is made for diagnosis and treatment? Is payment to be made in advance?

The initial diagnosis will depend on the accuracy of the medical documentation received. Sometimes our doctors will ask for further information before presenting a treatment proposal and/or might demand a videoconference to have more details on the patient’s current conditions. The initial diagnosis might be subjected to additional tests to be performed either in the home country of the patient or already in our hospitals.

The payment is ought to be made prior to the patient’s travel, especially if the Schengen’s VISA is needed. In any case, we ask the payment to be submitted 100% before the surgery is done. Please take into account that, according to Spain’s current regulations, payment in cash is limited to €1,000.

Will the end cost of the treatment differ from the estimated budget?

We are a preferred partner for many insurances since we give accurate treatment proposals and with hardly no budget estimation changes. Variations may occur when additional tests need to be pursued or when the medical treatment program changes due to the patient's medical situation, especially in complex treatments for instance in oncology. Nonetheless, we will only provide you with a final end invoice.

Is it possible that I get treated multiple conditions during the same visit?

At Quirónsalud we organize everything so that our patients can visit with the medical specialists they need. However, depending on the patient’s conditions and the speciality required, our physicians might not recommend the patient that multiple conditions are treated simultaneously.

Do I need an interpreter? Can I bring my own translation assistant?

Our international team is formed by international care coordinators who will assist you with appointments, travel administrative procedures, information on our hospitals and doctors, and financial matters.

With regard to our patients’ stay, we count with interpreter services inside the hospitals in multiple languages. Our staff is experienced and can attend appointments and provide a direct translation with doctors and the staff involved with our patients’ care.

Which languages do the medical professionals and staff speak? How will the consultations be handled?

Usually, the language of communication with the medical team will be Spanish or English. Some doctors are fluent in other languages (for instance, French, Arabic, Italian, Pakistani, etc.) hence they might directly communicate with the patient and his/her relatives in their mother tongue.

Also, the Hospital may provide, under request in advance, an official interpreter who will accompany the family and patient during the hospital visits. Also, and at the discretion of the healthcare professional, the Hospital may request the presence of an interpreter to ensure that the family and patient understand the medical team's explanations regarding the diagnosis and treatment.

Interpreter services might or might not be included in the medical care budget, depending on the language to be translated, hospital and doctor. Follow-up video consultations might be pursued also with an interpreter and/or local doctor if requested.

Does Quirónsalud provide help with travel arrangements?

Our mission is to provide the best medical care to our patients; therefore, we count with local partners for the non-medical services. Please let us know if you would require their assistance and we will refer you to them.

Patients who require emergency transport can contact our international care coordinators and we will organize the travel. Our ambulances and helicopters are staffed with Quirónsalud’s medical professional teams who care for and transport patients from all over the world. For more information, contact us at +34 901 123 456.

Visa & Customs

Our international team can help you with Schengen’s visa administrative procedures. Nonetheless, for further information about Schengen’s visa requirements and processing times, you might contact the Embassy or Consulate of Spain in your home country or visit the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs online website.

Hotels & Accommodation

Quirónsalud counts with many agreements with leading international and national hotels and apartments. Accommodations range from budget to luxury. Our international care coordinators, if asked, will send you discount rates so that you can choose the best option for you.

Ground Transportation

If needed, our partners can organize transfers during your stay, for instance the travel to and from the airport, or to our facilities.

Contact Quirónsalud’s international care coordinators about non-medical services available for international patients.

I am a doctor and/or hospital; can I refer a patient?

As a leading hospital group in Spain and Europe, we understand that referring a patient to an international hospital or doctor is a complex decision. Please feel free to connect with us at infocare@quironsalud.esThis link opens in a popup window and we will deliver you the information you estimate necessary. At Quirónsalud, we have the compromise to provide the best treatment to patients that have entrusted their health to us.