We are Quirónsalud

Quironsalud hospitals

We are Quirónsalud

We are the largest hospital group in Spain and following a merger with the German company, Fresenius-Helios, we are the largest hospital group in Europe.

A large network of hospitals available to you

A large network of hospitals available to you

Our network has over 125 care centres, of which 50 are general hospitals and 7 are university hospitals. Internationally, we have centres in Dubai, Lisbon, Peru and Medellín (Colombia).

  • Why choose us?

    At Quirónsalud we will focus on your case in a personalised way to offer you the best possible treatment plan. And we will do so by making all our human and technological resources available to you

  • La confianza de estar en manos de expertos
    The confidence of being in the hands of experts

    We have world-renowned doctors in all medical and surgical specialities. Therefore, we can give you an expert and multidisciplinary view of your case and provide you with comprehensive treatment.

  • 2_TRatamientosUltimaGeneracion
    Access to state-of-the-art treatments

    Thanks to our commitment to research, our patients can access truly innovative treatments. In 2018 we began almost 1,500 clinical research studies, of which 800 were clinical trials.

  • 3_CuidadoPersonalizado
    High-quality, personalised and safe care

    Our centres are governed by strict safety controls and have the highest standards of quality. Each year we analyse indicators that show us patient expectation and satisfaction levels, so that we can continue to improve.

  • 4_TecnologiaPuntera
    Access to cutting-edge medical technology

    In order to offer you the most precise treatments, we have Spain’s first Proton Therapy Centre, 5 da Vinci surgical robots, 1 Gamma Knife radiotherapy unit, 1 Cyberknife radiotherapy unit, 23 linear accelerators, 12 PET-CT scanners, 7 hybrid operating theatres, 13 x 3 Tesla MRI scanners, and much more.

  • 5_ComodidadFacilidad
    Comfort and convenience in all procedures

    We provide the G24 service, through which international patients can answer any administrative queries via the following email address: g24@quironsalud.esThis link opens in a popup window

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Why Spain?

Why Spain?

Spain is one of the most prepared countries for welcoming patients from any part of the world. The Spanish healthcare system is recognised across the world for the quality of its care, the great expertise of its doctors and its innovative commitment to technology.

Furthermore, in Spain you will find the pleasant Mediterranean climate, which is so beneficial to your health, and an incredible offering of culture, tourism and gastronomy which will ensure an unforgettable experience for you and those accompanying you.

  • icon-qs-01@2x
    Spain is the healthiest country in the world
    BLOOMBERG, 2019
  • icon-qs-02@2x
    The Spanish healthcare system is the most efficient in Europe and third in the world rankings
    BLOOMBERG, 2018
  • EsperanzaVida_2_SP
    It is one of the two countries with the longest life expectancy in the world
    UNFPA, 2018
  • icon-qs-04@2x
    Spain is the eighth world power in the growth of foreign patients
    IDIS, 2017