Medellín Clinic

Medellín Clinic is an institution which provides high-complexity health services, with 2 sites in the city of Medellín, Colombia. Its service portfolio includes adult hospitalisation, an intensive care unit, mid- and high-complexity outpatient and inpatient surgery, and cardiology, oncology and endoscopy units. Moreover, it has diagnostic and therapeutic aids and specialised outpatient clinics. Its modern facilities provide patients with advanced technology and locations with individual or shared rooms, large common areas and complementary services which make their service experience truly smooth and focussed on the solution to their needs.

Multilingual personalised care
Agreements with leading international insurers
Sede Occidente: Carrera 65 B No. 30 – 95Sede El Poblao: Calle 7 No. 39 – 290Medellín - Colombia